Green Cross Alcohol

Protecting Generations of Filipino Families


Did you know that an ATM can be as dirty as a public toilet?
Or that a food tray can have as many as 15,000 colonies of bacteria?
Kids are at risk too, since playgrounds are one of the "germiest" places there are.

When it comes to germ-kill and sickness prevention, stay protected with Green Cross,
the most trusted brand of alcohol.  
It is proven to kill 99.9% of germs in just 5 seconds.

Your First Line of Defense Against Diseases 
Proper hand hygiene is key to preventing the spread of diseases like flu and the common cold.  
When handwashing is not possible, your best bet is to sanitize your hands with Green Cross Alcohol.  In fact, rubbing alcohol requires less time and acts faster than using soap and water.

Interesting Facts

  • Green Cross Alcohol kills 99.9% of disease-causing germs in just 5 seconds.
  • Sanitizing hands is a must after getting in contact with frequently-touched surfaces, such as doorknobs, telephones, bathrooms, as these could be places where germs thrive. Rubbing alcohol (60%-95% solution) has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses, including rhinovirus (common cold), influenza, E. Coli, and hepatitis, among others.
  • Germs from a sneeze can survive up to 24 hours on a surface. When you touch these surfaces, you become a carrier of the germs.
  • The playground can be a really "germy" place!  Kids are oblivious to dirt - they touch everything they see and are prone to putting their hands in their mouth. The danger is due to the presence of fecal bacteria found on slides, handles, and ladder steps, likely from animal feces or diaper-wearing babies.

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